What Do We Do?

Thursday, May 8, 2008
We provide OPTIONS for families affected by ASD.
Primarily we help families with children on the autism spectrum get in touch with qualified and experienced professionals in the field of childhood disorder.

These professionals assist with the diagnosis and help create an individual education plan (IEP) for the child.

More importantly, parents are given training by them on how to implement the IEP.

The society believes that this will help empower parents in their effort to educate their own children.

Since its inception the society has facilitated the provision of ABA therapy to a number children affected with ASD over a period of one year. During that period all the children that received ABA therapy have made considerable improvements, paving the way for these children to achieve their full potential and leave them better placed for an independent adulthood. Encouraged and motivated by this experience the society would like to continue provision for these children and would like to see similar opportunities become more widely available to other children on the spectrum.

Learning Ladders do not believe that any one single treatment, intervention or program will benefit all people with an ASD. We support professional ABA-based treatments and educational approaches because these treatments are based on scientifically validated research and have been shown to be effective for many people.

There are many families who have children with seriously debilitating autism conditions who suffer deeply from a myriad of communication, behavioural, sensory and physical symptoms - children who will never reach their full potential without intensive support, special educational programming and effective evidence-based treatment.

The Society believes that early scientifically validated effective treatment/intervention can lead to great improvement for many children with autism.
Without appropriate individualized treatment, many children with autism will not develop effective communication and social skills and will continue to experience serious behaviour and learning difficulties.