Learning Ladders Program

Thursday, May 8, 2008
1) Early Intensive One-to-One Intervention Program for young children (age 2 to 12).

2) Training courses for families.
The Society places great emphasis on family involvement especially parental involvement in generalising the Intervention program in the home environment.
This is a strict requirement of the Intervention Program.

3) Support Group:

Living with a disability can be a lonely and isolating experience.
Support can take many forms: local parent discussion groups, information sessions on various topics, information and advice on working with your child, or even a friendly ear on the other end of the phone.

Learning Ladders offers opportunities for children/people with ASD and Other Neurological Disorders, and their families, to meet, share and form lasting friendships. Whether in workshops, support groups, social events, or volunteer work, many members form a special bond with others who share similar joys, hopes, and challenges.